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Advanced music composition for Windows


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Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) is a music creation tool similar to FL Studio (with which it's compatible) that lets you produce music from scratch using an intuitive yet very comprehensive interface that's packed with features and also supports MIDI keyboards and other specialized peripherals.

The first thing about Linux MultiMedia Studio that calls your attention is the quantity of windows of all the necessary music creation tools that can be open simultaneously. The advantage of this is that, depending on what you're trying to make (a beat, bass, or simple melody...), you can have more or less windows open.

The program includes different keyboards for sounds and effects that you can play around with when creating music. These keyboards can be controlled both by hand as well as by a specialized MIDI keyboard. Although obviously you can also import any OGG or WAV file and work with it in any of the windows on the interface.

In addition to this, Linux MultiMedia Studio includes a 64 channel FX mixer that supports tons of different effects. You can load in dozens of instruments and add hundreds of sounds from the mixing deck. Again, both by hand as well as using the appropriate tools.

Linux MultiMedia Studio is a very comprehensive music creation tool whose only hitch, if you had to name one, is that it doesn't let you export your projects in MP3 format. Instead, you can do it in FLV, VST, or MIDI.

The minimum requirements for running LMMS are a 1 Ghz CPU and 512 MB of RAM.